Reviewed by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, June 2001

What’s in a name? For some, Dino will conjure up images of a baby Ferrari, for others it’s Fred Flintstone’s pet dinosaur. For Trichord though, it’s a phono stage. Trichord felt that there was a gap in the market for a phono stage priced below the £535 of its basic Delphini, and so the Dino was created.

The challenge of course, was to make a cheaper product without sacrificing too much sound quality. And that’s exactly what the company has achieved.

With a Roksan Xerxes/Origin Live modified Rega RB 300/Ortofon MC 30 Supreme front end, the Dino produces a performance that is difficult to fault.

A recording such as Lou Rawls’ classy ‘At last’ demands a high level of resolution and transparency to work, and the Dino delivers, making it easy to appreciate Rawls’ sweet vocals and the skill of the backing musicians

The Dino unearths plenty of detail yet assembles it in a musical, involving whole. No genre is favoured: the smooth jazz of Jill Scott is played with the same skill as the hip-hop of Wyclef Jean or a Schubert piano sonnata.

An even tonal balance with fine timing and excellent sound staging means that this little marvel will please in most systems.

There’s even a wide range of cartridge loading options, via DIP switches, and you can upgrade through improved power supplies. As an all-round package, the Dino has little competition.

For: Sweet and revealing sound

Against: Nothing we can think of

Verdict: A great moving magnet/moving coil phono stage that offers a slice of high-end performance at a very competitive price

Trichord Research Dino Mk3 Phono Stage

Hi-Fi Choice, August 2015

“Outstanding build and performance in a neat, compact and affordable unit.”

4.5 / 5

Astell&Kern AK Jr

Reviewed by First Tests for What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, September 2015

An Audio treat. Just add headphones for ultimate portable pleasure.

5 / 5

Astell&Kern AK Jr

Reviewed by Noel Keywood for Hi-Fi World, September 2015

A top quality hi-resolution portable player with great sound quality – at a fantastic price.
Hi-Fi World’s ‘5 Globes + Value’ award

5 / 5

FiiO X3 2nd gen

Reviewed by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, September 2015

Beautifully built, sounds gorgeous, and it’s more affordable than before – what’s not to love

5 / 5

Canton DM 55

Reviewed by Tech & Games for The Sunday Times, October 2015

All components are top-notch, from gold plated connectors to a metal casing that will look at home in any rack of expensive equipment. AAC Bluetooth (Apple) and aptx (the rest) are supported for the best quality wireless connection: setup took seconds. Tracks seem to sing and rythms are toe tappingly tight. The next time someone complains that wireless music is no match for disc players, fire this up. Its a revelation. Verdict: Easy to use, terrific quality

5 / 5

Mass Fidelity Relay

United KingdomReviewed by Minitest for Hi-Fi Choice, October 2015

Well built with plenty of input options. A really good sound that’s balanced and powerful.

4.5 / 5

Blue Aura x30

Reviewed by Ed Selley for Hi-Fi Choice, December 2015

Hi-Fi Choice Yearbook 2015. BEST AUDIO OF THE YEAR! 70 sonic treats to make music sound great…

Hailing from Canada, Mass Fidelity’s Relay DAC is n aptX capable design that decodes via a Burr-Brown PCM5102 and Cirrus Logic processor. AAC decoding is also supported, which means it is also backward compatible with less capable variants of Bluetooth as well.

With the rear outputs set to analogue, the performance with lossless files delivers on the promise of aptX.

… the Relay is consistently forgiving even with less than stellar mastering. It has the useful abiliy to pick out fine detail while simultaneously avoiding harshness and aggression.

An exceptionally well thought out piece of equipment … [that] I’ve had the pleasure to use.

Hi-Fi Choice’s ‘Best audio of the year! 2015’ award

5 stars, recommended / 5

Mass Fidelity Relay

United KingdomReviewed by Ian Ringstead for Hifi Pig, January 2016

Hana S Range Moving Coil Cartridges

CONCLUSION: I really liked these cartridges as they were fuss free and just got on with their job of producing great music. The low output for me was better but this doesn’t mean the high output was poor or wouldn’t be preferred by some listeners. If you only have a moving magnet input on your amp or pre amp then the high output version is a no brainer.


Hana SH Moving Coil Cartridge & SL Moving Coil Cartridge

United KingdomReviewed by Paul Rigby for Hi-Fi World, February 2016

“Meet the Hana twins…a pair of moving coil cartridges from Japan that can be yours at an exceptionally low price. Paul Rigby is smitten by their charms.”

5 / 5

Hanna EH Moving Coil Cartridge & EL Moving Coil Cartridge

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