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Studio quality 24bit/88.2kHz music sampler from STS Digital

This set of fourteen 24bit/88.2kHz unadulterated studio quality recordings in their original WAV format is the first of its kind from STS Digital, who have been engineering some of the best sounding CDs available for many years (including all the Marantz sampler CDs that are so well known around the world for their high quality sound).

This sampler album is brought to you on a microSD card, so you can use it directly in your Astell&Kern or other hi-res player (if you have one) or download to your computer and stream to any hi-res capable DAC.

The tracks have been carefully selected from the STS Digital back catalogue and are not presently available in any other format. There is a wide range of music on this album, every track beautifully recorded and engineered for ultimate quality. Originally presented to market on CD, these tracks now show you just how much more detail, dynamics and musicality is present in the original recordings.

Be in no doubt, this is an impressive sounding selection of tracks that clearly show you what the recording engineers hear in the studio.


  1. Accordion Duo – ‘Crystal Clear’ (1.41)
  2. Elenora Holiday – ‘Devil May Care’ (4.22)
  3. Les passions du lame – Eustachio Romana (3.57)
  4. Fleurine – Portuguese (traditional) (5.36)
  5. Basily – Gipsy Treasure (4.36)
  6. John Vice – ‘When I close my eyes’ (3.48)
  7. Judith Jamin – Spanish harp (traditional) (3.21)
  8. Labrienco – Calle Ventura (gipsy jazz) (5.30)
  9. Marjoleine Leene – ‘Your always there’ (3.53)
  10. Percussion du Africa – African (traditional) (4.35)
  11. Group Plus – Sahara Walk (3.51)
  12. Harry Sacksione – Guitar blues (4.11)
  13. Siltech – Big drum session (2.32)
  14. Igor Stravinsky – Fire-Bird (excerpt) (1.35)
  15. J.S. Bach – Violin concerto in G major bwv 1056, largo (2.46)

Sound Fidelity say:

“If you want to hear some great music at studio quality, you must hear this album. The STS Digital engineers really have some great recordings in their back catalogue, their first entry into studio quality releases, is very good indeed. It’s worth remembering that not all recording studios use higher sampling rates than 88.2kHz (96kHz and 192kHz are common now, but older recordings are often re-processed / up-sampled to achieve this). There is no up-sampling on this album, or re-processing of any kind – just the music as it was originally recorded.”

MO, August 2013

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