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STS Digital – The Absolute Sound Reference. Volume 3


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Introduction to the STS Digital world of audiophile ‘CD sound’.

This may be a low cost sampler CD from STS Digital, but there is nothing budget about the sound! All the tracks start in the music studio with the Master Tape and with the help of their unique STS Digital MW Coding, are re-engineered to provide a real taster of the superb ‘STS sound’ on CD. There’s a range of musical styles over 19 tracks.

This CD shows just how good the CD can be. How properly sound engineered, the CD can offer a sense of scale and musical reality rarely found on this medium.

The CD has been produced with all the care shown on all STS Digital full priced CD’s, it comes in a simple card sleeve, helping to keep the price down.

MPN: STS Digital 6111164

Track list:

1. Basily Brothers, Gypsy Jazz

2. Duo Opus, Flute Duo

3. Barocco Loco, mediaval music

4. Prisma Ensemble, Strings Trio

5. Renaissance Ensemble, Royal music, John Adson 1590-1640

6. Renaissance Ensemble, Cent mille, Antoine Busnois 1430-1492

7. Renaissance Ensemble, Thus saith my Cloris brite, John Wilbye 1574-1638

8. Hot Club de France, Gypsy Jazz

9. Ralph Rousseau, Viola da Gamba, Captain Humus Pavan

10. Harmonie St. Oedenrode, Orange 1813 mars, traditional

11. Judith Jamin, harp solo,

12. Michiel Ras, Organ, improv.

13. Resonance Quartet, Das wohitemperierte Klaier, J.S. Bach 1685-1750

14. Kamer Music Ensemble, Concert for double cello

15. STS Sound Library, In the lab from Dr. Akhbar STS Sound Library

16. STS Sound Library, Waiting for a taxi, STS Sound Library

17. STS Sound Library, Walking in the forest, STS Sound Library

18. STS Sound Library, To ram a pale in Amsterdam, STS Sound Library

19. STS Sound Library, Walking in a church, STS Sound Library

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