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Shostakovich, Preludes and Fugues played on organ by Michiel Ras.

A world-premiere: piano-pieces by Shostakovich played on organ by Michiel Ras. He has won many first prizes at organ competitions in Ermelo, Lisse, Utrecht and Leiderdorp (all cities in Holland, if you didn’t know!).

This STS Digital ‘Natural Ambiance’ series SACD hybrid is a most beautiful 5-channel recording on SACD.

The organ has been widely projected for the listerner and with the help of back speakers the space and ambiance of the church is not only audible, but one can feel it too. The low sounds of this recording are almost unreal, and entirely natural organ sound. It is a real DSD recording, pure and soft in tone.

Highly recommended when played on either SACD or CD players.


  1. Preludes op. 87, 1-12
  2. Fugues op. 87, 1-12

MPN: STS Digital 611130

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