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Beautiful recordings of nature in all its glory, interspersed with classical music with nature recordings as a backdrop

This is an unusual but interesting and ultimately rewarding CD. This AAD (Analog tape recording) was made by Sound Engineer Fritz deWith (Now owns and runs STS Digital) in 1965. You will hear 6 different natural recordings, such as a babbling brook with bird-song and a thunder and lightening storm (which will surely test your hi-fi system!) interspersed with Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony Nr 9, played over the natural sound recordings; and then finally, Wellington’s Sieg Op.91 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The quality of the recordings is stunning, details and micro-details are so clear, you will be transported to the great outdoors, but without the distant roar of motor vehicles or hum of planes. Delightful.


The sound of nature
Adagio – Allegro Molto
The sound of nature
The sound of nature
Scherzo Molto Vivace
The sound of nature
Allegro Con Fuoco
Wellington’s Seig – The battle
Wellinhgton’s Victory

MPN: STS Digital 6111153

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