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STS Digital Madeline Bell, ‘Blessed With Your Heart’ Tape, half speed Master.


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Madeline Bell, ‘Blessed With Your Heart’, beautifully sung classics on tape, copied from the Master.

Madeline Bell, an amazing soul singer who deserve but never achieved superstar status. She has backed ‘everybody’, from the Dave Clark Five, through to Elton John and Giorgio Moroder, but has seldom recorded herself.

This tape option has been recorded at half speed from the Master Tape and replays ay 7 1/2″ per second (19cm/sec) and shows off Madeline’s talents with an interstingly eclectic mix of songs and dazzles from the start.

Ken Kessler in his review of this album (gaining ‘Album of the Month’ spot in Hi-Fi News and Record Review magazine, Feb. 2016) said – ‘This one for audiophile label STS, adds spectacular sound quality to stellar performances’ – and we think he is on the button.

‘Hi-Fi Pig’ reviewed this tape and said: The real star of the show on this record is of course Bell’s vocal talent but in this format, recorded without Dolby or other wizardry being added really allows her to shine…. it’s dynamic, wonderfully charming and a real treat to sit and listen to for the sheer gorgeousness of Bell’s vocal talent and the way this has been recorded to allow instruments to shine in their own right.
Highly Recommended.

Tape speed: 2 track at 19cm/sec (7 1/2″ per sec.) on one 7″ reel (plastic reel, not metal as shown in photo.)

Also available as 1:1 highest studio quality 2 track at 38cm/sec (15″ per sec.), see  .

To special order: 4 track at 19cm/sec (7 1/2″ per sec.)  Please enquire.

All tapes IEC biased and without Dolby noise suppression, to be as close to the original recording as possible. IEC bias will play fine on other bias set tape machines.

2 track at 19cm/sec (7 1/2″ per sec.) tape.


  • 1. The look of love
  • 2. Sail on sailor
  • 3. Home
  • 4. Seasons of love
  • 5. Beach Boys Medley

Side 2:

  • 1. Good morning freedom
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. The last laugh
  • 4. Before i open my mouth
  • 5. I hate cold weather

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