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STS Analogue GREETJE KAUFFELD AND BAND – 1:1 Master Tape


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Greetje Kauffeld was born in Rotterdam and in 1967 aged 16 became the lead singer in the Skymasters, a well known Netherlands band at the time.  She went on to tour in the USA and then returned to Europe.  In 1970 she married her longtime friend Joop de Roo who advised her to change her music genre, she switched to jazz and received great success in the Netherlands and later in Germany.  She has appeared with many renowned jazz musicians, in 1980 she was recognized as the best soloist at the Euro-American Nordring radio festival and in 1981 recorded her first jazz album.  From 1986 Kauffeld has had her own jazz trio with her singing, accompanied by tenor saxophone and guitar.  She still regularly performs in Germany.

On this album, she sings a selection of classic songs in her own inimitable style.  It was produced for the 30TH ANALOG FORUM ANNIVERSARY and is a limited edition.

This tape option has been recorded at full recording speed from the Master Tape and replays at 15″ per second (38 cm/sec)

2 track at 38cm/sec (15″ per sec.).



1.  So many stars – S. Mendes

2. They can’t take that away from me – G. Gershwin

3. It might as well be spring – R. Rodgers

4. The Shadow of your smile – J. Mandel

5. Smile – C. Chaplin

6. I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter –  F.E. Ahlert

7. Nice ‘n’ easy – L. Spence

8. It had to be you – I. Jones

9. I wish you love – C. Treret

10. Fly me to the moon – B. Howard

11. Route ’66 – B. Troup

12. I get along without you very well – H. Carmichael


Tape speed: 2 track at 38cm/sec (15″ per sec.) on one 10.5″ STS aluminium reel


Also available as half studio speed 2 track at 19cm/sec (” per sec.), see ‘ GREETJE KAUFFELD AND BAND half speed Master tape’.  

and to special order: 4 track at 19cm/sec (7 1/2″ per sec.)

All tapes IEC biased and without Dolby noise suppression, to be as close to the original recording as possible. IEC bias will play fine on other bias set tape machines.

MPN: STS.T611156

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