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An entirely new webbing was integrated into the sandwich construction of the devices. It is extremely convincing due to its elastic force, firmness and an outstanding change of sound. You can just place the NETPOINT 200 under your devices but you can also firmly attach it by screwing it on. In order to do so, just use the bolts of your stand. You can easily remove the felt glider of the Netpoint 100! While the SSC used to be very flexible and easily deferred in all directions, due to the previous string – or rather webbing material, the new SSC NETPOINT 200 is equipped with very taut webbing and a much harder substrate. This generates a more dynamic sound and an outstanding sense of space. Therefore, also the amplifier, the CD player and the loudspeakers profit by using these pucks.

Due to its extreme durability, the SSC device can also be placed under very heavy hi-fi components!

The SSC Netpoint 100, 200 and 300 have identical bases with different top plates.

The Netpoint 200 is delivered with screw adaptor M3, M4, M6 & M8.

  • Box of 4
  • Aluminium / black anodized
  • String suspension technology
  • 50mm x 13mm
  • Load carrying per set: 60kg

These are priced and sold in boxes of 4


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Weight 0.4 kg

Black, Silver


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