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These SSC feet have an overall height of 16 mm and are continuously variable in its height. The setting range is approx. 7 or 10 mm and therefore sufficient to provide a level stand on uneven floors. These massive equipment feet are particularly suited for a placement under turntables, amplifiers, subwoofers or floor speakers which are operated in a hi-fi rack or on ground level.

With the enclosed M6 and M8 threaded adaptors your devices may be screwed directly to or simply placed upon the SSC LIFTPOINT 1.6, if required. The solid design of this equipment feet does justice even to top-class audio components and, combined with the SSC string technology, it brings a better balance and more tranquility into the sound image, creating a more detailed reproduction and a noticeable improvement of spatiality.

Box of 4.

  • Body material : aluminium
  • Diameter : 51.0 mm
  • height-adjustable : 7.0 mm
  • Adaptor : M6 and M8 included
  • weight : 143 g
  • Height : 16.0 mm
  • Load capacity : 15.0 kg per foot
  • System : string suspension concept


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