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The Copper Star mains power cable offers great value sound improvement.

The ‘Copper Star’ SF mains cable is made by us at Sound Fidelity from the DIY kit components we sell both individually and as a kit of parts, so those amongst you who do not wish to DIY but understand the benefits of using super quality mains cables and plugs with your Hi-Fi can simply order a pre-made cable.

The fine polished unplated Standard cable uses our silicon rubber 3 x 1.5mm copper cable, that we know offers a great sound, with the MS HD Power fine polished UK 13A plug (with 13A fuse fitted) and polished IEC plug at the other end of the cable. It can be bought in 0.5m increments, from 1m up to 4m and then a 5m length.

This is our cheapest mains cable option in the Star range and you may ask why one would buy a more expensive plated plug option? The only advantage to plating is to be assured of a perfect connection all the time because gold or Rhodium do not oxidise. They do also impose their own ‘sound’ quality as well, in some small way. However, if you are willing to clean the oxidisation off the polished unplated copper pins, or simply pull out and re-insert 4-6 times a year, unplated pins offer as good if not better mains power delivery and sound quality improvement.

As you can see from the photographs, the cable is covered with a hard wearing sleeve, that gives the cable a professional look, as well as protecting the cable and offering some further vibration damping.

We know it represents excellent value and are so confident that you will appreciate its qualities, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee on these cables (returned in saleable condition).

This cable can also be bought as a kit, so you do not pay for our time, or as component parts to use as you wish.

MPN: Copper Star Mains Cable

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