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3.5mm gold-plated stereo jack plug, right-angled

With the proliferation of Digital Audio Players (DAPs) and other music players, headphones, portable amplifiers, computer audio etc. all now using 3.5mm jack inputs and outputs, used now by both general music lovers and audiophiles, the need for a high quality 3.5mm jack plug was necessary, and Japanese manufacturer Oyaide have filled this need with their range of high quality 3.5mm jacks.

Upgrading a headphone, or interconnect cable is of course one of the very important factors for improvement sound quality – but the jack connector has a critical impact on the sound as well – so this range of 3.5mm jack plugs were developed to offer the very best sound quality, and at such a modest price, its not a hard choice to use the ‘best’ jack plug around.

Every component part is manufactured to offer the highest audio quality. The contact material is high-purity RoHS compliant brass. The centre pin which is core of the signal transfer is plated by pure silver + rhodium to protect from erosion and improve contact and signal transmission. The outer shell is cut by accurate NC machining from brass (to be non-magnetic), knurled and chrome-plated.

The jack plug will accept cables up to 6.5mm outer diameter, and the connections are made by soldering. See diagram that shows the internal details.


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