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Highest quality 6 way mains conditioner for instant and clean mains delivery.

It could be said that until you have experienced the MS E01 mains distribution block, you will not fully understand what your Hi-Fi or A/V (or even TV) system is capable of. The E01 is a very high specification six outlet distribution block with sophisticated conditioning that does not get in the way of the power delivery, but also ‘cleans’ the power supply to and from your equipment.

The filter network uses specially selected high quality components to offer excellent EMI and RFI Suppression to -60 db.

The 6 sockets use ultra-high spring rate phosphor bronze sockets, plated with 1.0 µm Rhodium Quadri-Plated Coating to All Power Clips. 4mm² Silver plated 6N OFC internal wires in star-wiring arrangement, with Silver-rich Soldering, and extra-large pure Silver plated quality copper transmission Bus Bars, ensure clean and instant power delivery. The 1.0 µm Rhodium Plated IEC Inlet allows maximum user choice for mains input cable, and a 20A High Current Resettable Overloading Circuit Breaker is used instead of a fuse – to complete the high quality electronics.

The heavy gauge all aluminium chassis has three conical copper feet to reduce vibrations (or alternatively, it is fitted with 4 rubber feet and the copper cones can be removed) is painted semi-matt black.

Fully Approved by BSI and Complies to BS-1363 and BS-5733 Standards, the E01 offers a sublime performance in all Stereo and AV Systems.

A lifetime warranty is offered.


Sound Fidelity say:

“From a position of scepticism, to now understanding just how important a clean mains supply is, I have to admit this is the best conditioning Distribution block I have ever used. No, I cannot tell you why it works so well – clearly the product is built like a tank, and the conditioning electronics in the unit are not getting in the way of the power delivery – but why this conditioner works so well and others do not, no idea!

Like the reviewer in the Hi Fi Pig E01 review has said, it seems to allow more musical detail, instrumental colour and spacial information to be revealed through your audio system, with no loss of dynamics; something you can spend thousands trying to achieve through other component upgrades. Highly recommended.”

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