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MS HD Power MS-328S Silver 13A Gigantic UK Plug


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High quality UK 13A 3 pin plug designed for use with audio equipment for optimum power transmission, manufactured for UK market only.

This high quality UK 13A 3 pin plug has been designed to be used with audio equipment for optimum power transmission. All the electrical parts (polished pins and all internal parts) are made from premium quality copper, electroplated with 3um x silver plating; the Fuse Clips are made of high spring rate Phosphor Bronze, again with 3.0┬Ám x silver plating – and supplied with a 13A silver plated fuse, fitted.

Silver has the best electrical conducting properties of all the ‘noble’ metals. It will oxidise, but this is one material where this is not a problem, oxidised silver has the same electrical properties as the bright non-oxidised material. Silver has a strong following among many audiophiles as the plating material of choice, so we offer it in our range.

The heavy duty mains wire-clamps design ensure an air tight connection to ensure perfect power transmission and also protect the power cable wires from damage over time (inferior plugs secure the cables by the grub screws twisting down onto the cable directly and are prone to material ‘creep’). The plug will accept wires up to 4mm diameter – and clamp a cable of up to 16mm overall diameter.

The patented design allows for easy cable fitting (instructions provided) and the ease of cable fitting cannot be under estimated – it makes this plug so easy to use. The plug casing is manufactured from nylon material, with a semi-transparent top cover, offering durability, high insulation and light weight.

Compliance with: BS-1363 (plug), BS-1362 (fuse).

Laboratory certificated to BS1363-1 1995, through Intertec ETL Semko, certificate available as pdf, ask for copy if documentation required.

  • Mains voltage rating: 200~240 VAC x 13A
  • Size (Housing Only): Width 68mm, Depth 33mm, Height 68mm (inc. cable clamp)
  • Weight:100 grams
  • Display packing. Size packed: 70mm W x 60mm D x 105mm H, fitting instructions included.

Why silver plating? Silver has the lowest resistance of all plating materials, and the oxidisation also has a very low resistance (far lower than oxidised copper), as well as being easily cleaned off if necessary. Quite rightly, silver is the choice for those wishing for the least resistance contacts between the plug pins and socket.

MPN: MS-328S

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