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The MK 655 ‘Tough Plug’ (TM) – an essential plug for your DIY mains leads.

The MK Electric 655 ‘Tough Plug’ (black top) is recognised as one of those products that offers brilliant value for money for the audio DIYer. There is simply no other UK mass produced plug that is as well made and rugged. It will take cables up to 10mm diameter and secure cable conductors up to 1.5mm sq. with ease. We sell this plug as manufactured (on this page) and with cryogenically treated electrical parts for the best results – subtle but worth the extra if you are looking for a better sound quality on another page in this DIY section.

Now for the really useful information: If you are using this plug, we advise that the connecting parts should be cleaned and polished. Yes this really makes a difference. Forget paying a premium for gold or silver plating, just get out the brass cleaner and give the connectors a good clean, then a cleaning wipe every few months thereafter, save your pounds for important things like buying music!

Use this Tough Plug (TM) with our Silicon insulated mains cable and a decent IEC plug the other end you will have an excellent value mains cable offering your audio equipment a really good mains supply.

The only way to really improve on this is to spend a great deal more on OCC mains cable and very high quality plugs, costing maybe 6-10 times more.

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