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Wireless Speaker System

Meet the Core, the most advanced wireless, multiroom, portable speaker system ever developed

Stunningly realistic stereo sound from one little box you can hold in your hand.

Custom-designed acoustics

The Core has beautiful yet powerful sound with smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone shaking bass, thanks to five custom-designed speakers in three arrays, all driven by 120 watts of digital power.

Stereo Imaging Technology

There is no lack of small speakers that sound “good for their size”, but the sound is often flat and one-dimensional. The Core uses a combination of digital signal processors and acoustic rendering algorithms to produce a huge stereo sound image that is astonishing in size and sound quality. It’s like listening to a pair of high-end speakers, except it’s coming from a device that’s small enough to hold in your hand.

Wave Field Synthesis

To eliminate the ‘sweet spot’ that comes from typical stereo spound, the Core uses a rendering technique called Wave Field Synthesis to produce an ‘acoustic image’ that can be viewed from any position in the room. Everyone in the room will experience full-bodied lifelike stereo sound

Absolute Bass Technology

The Core uses Absolute Bass Technology (ABT), a combination electronics, software, and mechanical engineering working in unison to produce low frequency performance unmatched for its size

Dynamic Re-tuning Technology

Because there are some who want more bass, when connected to any wired or wireless subwoofer, the Core will automatically cease bass duties and dynamically re-tune itself for optimum performance, concentrating on flawless, higher output midrange and high frequency reproduction

Advanced digital processing technologies

24 bit digital signal processing, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and aptx audio decoding bring out the best possible sound from your digital sources. The Core also features ultra Class 1 Bluetooth receiver technology to minimise dropouts

A look you will want to show off

The Core is beautifully accented with an acylic glass top and chrome base. Its bold yet simple beauty, minimal embellishments, and lack of unsightly wires make the Core an enviable addition to any room

Wireless access to a world of infinite music

Any music sources your smart device can access, the Core can play, including internet streaming sites, music stored in the cloud and online radio stations and podcasts

Or plug in if that’s your thing

Using an optical digital connector and an analog input, you can connect to any wired device, iPod, CD player, stereo or record player. Or use the Core with your home theatre system by plugging in any video source, from your Apple TV to your cable box

It’s on the move as much as you are

Compact size and a 12 hour battery life make it simple to take the Core from the living room to the patio and beyond

Multiform that grows as your space does

Purchase as many as nine Cores to create a multi-room listening environment throughout your home. At the touch of a button, each speaker can play individually from a local source or in unison from one central unit

Liberate yourself from Wi-Fi dependence

You don’t need Wi-Fi or any apps to wirelessly stream music with the Core. You can play music directly from a smart device and use it as your remote control. When using multiple Cores throughout your home, the devices create their own proprietary multi-room network that does not require a router or Wi-Fi


  • Any Bluetooth enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet,or laptop, Apple, Android or PC
  • Any music on your device or in the cloud
  • Any online streaming sites or Internet radio (Pandora, Rdio, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Radio etc)
  • Any wired digital or analog source (CD,player, stereo or record player)
  • Your home theatre system (cable box, Apple TV or Roku with your television)


  • Frequency Response: 44Hz-20kHz
  • Battery Life: 12 Hours, 2 hour charge time from empty
  • Amplifier Power: 120 Watts
  • Speakers: 5 x Custom designed high output speaker drivers
  • Compatible Power Systems: 110-240 Volt
  • Bluetooth: Class 1
  • Bluetooth Range: 18 metresSupported Codecs: aptx, AAC, SBC
  • Multi-room: Adaptive 5 Ghz dedicated network
  • Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 150mm (D) x 100mm (H)

Inputs & Outputs

  • 1 x Multi-room wireless input
  • 1 x S/PDIF Optical output
  • 1 x Control input for home automation systems
  • 1 x 2VRMS Stereo analog input
  • 1 x Relay Ulta-Fidelity Bluetooth input
  • 1 x Multi-room wireless output
  • 1 x USB Power output for smart device charging
  • 1 x Wired/Wireless subwoofer output

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Posted by Jax on 13th March 2016 of Mass Fidelity Core

I’ve had my Mass Fidelity Core for a few days now and am in a position to offer an appraisal based on my listening over this period. First a big recommendation and thanks to Sound Fidelity who processed my order and had it delivered to me next day. Does it get any better!
The Core is a beautifully packaged item (think: Apple) and is also a beautiful piece of equipment. It’s very small, and you wouldn’t expect a big sound could come from such a diminutive box.
Setting up is a breeze, I have it situated on the top plate glass shelf of my hi-fi stand immediately in front of the TV so am unable to take advantage of rear wall reinforcement as recommended but it is equidistant between side walls, and my first listening experience was by using my MacMini with a Meridian Explorer2 USB DAC connected, and selecting the Core’s analogue [aux] input with a stereo [3.5mm] cable. I use both iTunes and/or Audirvana plug in player. I’d read some customer feedback issues about the overpowering base, so deliberately selected tracks that I knew had deep base ( Erykah Badu) and tuneful base (Bill Evans) and discovered that the lower mid became a little saturated, but it eventually settled down to become quite listenable and has progressively improved during this run in period.The spread of sound is very obvious and the stereo soundstage is reasonable for such a small box with good width & depth although not as effective as the active speaker system being replaced. It’s true also that the sound is just as expansive from wherever you are in the room, and in my quite small living room it is very impressive.
I’m unable to play music via the optical digital input as there seems to be an issue with my MacMini’s digital output which is preventing any output at all from that source which is a shame as I could have achieved the full fat 24/192 experience, but I was able to listen to TV using this input and it is a big improvement over the TV’s sound output but not a match for my Yamaha Digital Sound Projector. I didn’t expect it to be.
Bluetooth pairs easily and is rock solid if you stay within reasonable distance. My iPad doesn’t support Apt-X so I am unable to get the utmost out of it but I’m not that bothered as most of my listening is by connected devices and heavily compressed internet radio.
I’ve tried a powered sub but it wasn’t a success as I couldn’t get the settings right as they conflict with the Yamaha sound bar’s 5.1 set up, so I’ll wait for the Core sub to be released. I read a very complimentary review of this system complete with sub in Hi-Fi World (online) and am looking forward to it’s release.
All in all I’m very pleased with the Core and have switched it to become my main Hi-Fi system. It certainly beats the Yamaha sound bar hands down on playing music in stereo (but not 5.1 TV, BluRay etc), and I’ve been able to sell my separate powered stereo speakers which I used exclusively for music, and even though the Core isn’t quite of their sonic excellence it suits me adequately.

First impressions of Mass Fidelity Core

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