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475mm x 425mm

The Platforms are made from a single substrate (one layer of MDF) with the Beam Assemblies (patented suspension system) bonded into channels on the underside.

The ‘BASE Platform’ provides a novel suspension system, as confirmed by the Patents for the design, offering an alternative universally successful support. The mechanics can be compared with the more familiar suspension system comprising a spring and damper. Compliant beams (the springs) are each supported by two feet and allowed to cantilever at each end. The beam is continuously bonded to a selected elastomeric strip (the damper) which, in turn, is fully bonded to the support platform allowing movement in the beam and deflection under the loading of supported equipment. This assembly effectively damps low order vibration over a wide frequency range.

When a BASE Platform is inserted between audio equipment and a support table the structure borne vibration energy is controlled. This is particularly evident from reproduced bass extension, ‘speed’ and clarity.

Additionally, vibrations internally generated within electronics are transferred to the support platform and there damped by the carefully designed assembly.

MPN: B02 Base Platform

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Weight 2 kg

Black, Light Oak


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