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430mm x 360mm

The Platforms are made from a single substrate (one layer of MDF) with the Beam Assemblies (patented suspension system) bonded into channels on the underside.

The ‘BASE Platform’ provides a novel suspension system, as confirmed by the Patents for the design, offering an alternative universally successful support. The mechanics can be compared with the more familiar suspension system comprising a spring and damper. Compliant beams (the springs) are each supported by two feet and allowed to cantilever at each end. The beam is continuously bonded to a selected elastomeric strip (the damper) which, in turn, is fully bonded to the support platform allowing movement in the beam and deflection under the loading of supported equipment. This assembly effectively damps low order vibration over a wide frequency range.

When a BASE Platform is inserted between audio equipment and a support table the structure borne vibration energy is controlled. This is particularly evident from reproduced bass extension, ‘speed’ and clarity.

Additionally, vibrations internally generated within electronics are transferred to the support platform and there damped by the carefully designed assembly.

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Press Reviews

Reviewed by Hi-Fi Choice, October 2012

The Company’s name says it all really, and this is the base (sorry!) product along with various racks and the rather funkier StrataBase platform. From above, the charcoal silk finished surface doesn’t give much away, but the underneath of the Base 01 Platform incorporates some clever thinking. A pair of metal beams run from front to back and are linked to the main platform by compliant but absorptive coupling. In turn, the beams rest on four hard rubber feet.

The combination of metal, soft coupling and MDF platform material makes for what is effectively constrained layer damping, with enough decoupling to prevent higher frequency vibrations from travelling up from feet to platform. The arrangement gives limited attenuation of very low frequencies, but good performance across mid-range and treble, and the MDF part is relatively non-resonant.

This platform proved versatile in use, giving fine results with a range of equipment including both suspended and solid-chassis turntables. It was also very good with CD players, tightening up the sound and also adding bass extension. Amplifiers benefited less obviously, but a valve preamp certainly gained something in the clarity department and a solid-state power amp seemed more detailed in the lower octaves. High treble seemed largely unaltered in most cases, though the turntables gained some slight extra high frequency precision.


A very practical support which adds very little height and looks good, and contributes usefully to the performance of a wide range of kit.

5 / 5

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Audiophile Base B01 Base Platform

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