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Specifically deisgned for smaller equipment

New for 2012 the AlphaBase, built in patented vibration control technology into each of the levels, six selectable shelf heights, and can accept its own dedicated Audiophile Base isolation platforms the A-01. Two superb new finishes in high quality light oak and black oak veneer.

The AlphaBase support system has been winning a great number of admirers both from the public and press alike, combining superb looks and great vibration control performance the Alphabase is tailored to compliment smaller equipment beautifully, Belcanto, Cyrus, DNM, Naim, Linn, Quad, Rega, Wired for sound (W4S) etc.

By combining a lot of the features from the high end support systems like the QuattraBase, such as built in vibration control (Improved by over 50% when compared to the previous Q-base incarnation), superb new finishes, six different spacer pole heights, aerospace materials all CNC machined. The AlphaBase not only sounds great but it’s understated looks give an air of grace to the products.

By effectively helping to decouple your entire audio system from its vibration rich environment the Audiophile Base AlphaBase support system can improve bass response (depth and texture), present a cleaner vocal presence while also improving upper frequency detail and openness.


The base price is for one ‘Starter Pack’, which comprises one shelf, adjustable feet and finishing end caps for the top shelf of the rack.

Additional shelves can be added as required from the five height options available.

These shelves can be combined with Base isolation platforms for further isolation. If you plan to do this, please allow 35mm per platform when making your calculations.

Extra shelf packs can also be ordered separately here.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Black, Silver, Light Oak, Black Oak

Qty Shelf Modules:

1 + £259, 2 + £518, 3 + £777, 4 + £1036, 5 + £1295, 0

Shelf Module Size:

130mm, 155mm, 205mm, 255mm, 305mm


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