Creaktiv Systems – Racks

All of the Creaktiv Systems modular audio rack systems are constructed to a very high standard of workmanship starting with our Trend line of supports right up to the Bentley of isolation equipment then Creaktiv systems has the solutions for you. Our products have the option of being equipped with our revolutionary ci²p technology which has the ability to reduce the electromagnetic interference around your system. This dramatically improves the performance of your components resulting in a more natural relaxed sound, a reduction in colouration and more spatial holistic soundstage.

From the very keenly priced Trend Line support systems which offer positive isolation improvements with stylish looks and a range of colours. These can also be upgraded to feature to the ci2p technology (Activ Plus version) which reduces the electrosmog around you equipment.

Creaktiv systems ranges also include the Audio Line which takes the isolation and improvements to your audio system to the stage beyond our Trend Line. Superbly constructed and easy on the eye, the Audio Line is a great addition to any Audiophile’s system. Is also available is an Activ Plus version which features the ci2p technology. There are many colour options as well as a bespoke service available too.

For those seeking to take their systems to a level of performance beyond the norm then Creaktiv ‘s reference lines are for you, from the Little reference through to the ultra high end Big reference plus this range of top quality support system ranks amongst some of the best currently available anywhere.

If you don’t find a rack configuration from our extensive ranges then just ask your local dealer as Creaktiv Systems can create a bespoke customised solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

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