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A Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver by Mass Fidelity

The Relay box streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or Astell&Kern player to your Hi-Fi or home audio audio system. Enjoy all your digital music through your home Hi-Fi system, whether it's stored on a device or streaming from the cloud, without having to switch sources or bother with cables.

Most importantly, as soon as the Relay is connected to your Hi-Fi system, it is compatible with any device supporting Bluetooth streaming, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, smartphone or music player (DAP); and with all music lockers and subscription services in the 'cloud'.

Simply plug the Relay into the AUX analogue input of your existing Hi-Fi system and turn on. No wi-fi network required. No platform specific software driver downloads or hardware configurations required. No pairing button or pairing codes. Scan for the device and connect! How easy is that?

High quality sound? - how do they do that on Bluetooth?

Let's start with the back end first, as that's connected to your Hi-Fi via gold-plated RCA (phono) sockets. The Relay's output stage uses a professional grade Burr-Brown Digital to Analogue Converter which has 24bit Digital to Analogue conversion; a signal-to-noise ratio of 112dB, dynamic range of 112dB, -93dB THD and a DC coupled output amplifier stage, sending out a healthy line level 2Vrms to your amplifier. An ultra stable phase-locked audio sample clock is used to reduce jitter, allowing the DAC to render the audio signal more faithfully.

High quality audio circuitry is only as good as the power supply feeding it of course, so Mass Fidelity have used linear low noise, low-dropout regulators and common mode input noise filtering on the power supply, to improve rejection of unwanted signal noise and interference from the outside world, offering a very low noise floor and super clean low impedance supply to the audio circuitry.

The Relay also uses 3 separate ground planes; one for digital signals, one for analogue signals, and one for radio frequency signals. Each is designed to be as 'solid' as possible. A bulk decoupling capacitor is used to remove any potential ground loops. Grid-viaing between ground layers in each ground domain, and star grounding of the three domains ensure excellent ground integrity and very low noise.

All this high-end audio designing is topped off with a solid aluminium case, beautifully and simply designed, with the added benefit of keeping the outside world outside, and the electronics inside unable to absorb unwanted signals from our 'noisy' environment.

MPN: Relay
EAN: 0627843300007
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Sound Fidelity say:

“Bluetooth technology is used a lot in the portable and small speakers market, but if you look around, it has yet to be widely adopted as a standard in good Hi-Fi sound systems; and this is where the Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth receiver fills the gap, bridging between your Bluetooth-capable devices such as tablet, smartphone, computer, music player and even from the cloud - it allows you and your friends and family to listen wirelessly through your wonderful non-Bluetooth enabled sound system!

Its no mean slouch in the audio stakes either, offering a very reasonable sound quality for its very modest price. Not surprising when you look behind the product at the designers - a group of audiophile 'nuts' who just love their music as well as high quality sound and well designed products!

We highly recommend this product.”

MO, November 2013


Press Reviews

Hi-Fi Choice's 'Best audio of the year! 2015' award

, December 2015

70 sonic treats to make music sound great 5 stars, recommended / 5.

, October 2015

Easy to use, terrific Quality 5 / 5.

Hi-Fi Choice's '5 Stars' awardHi-Fi Choice's 'Recommended' award

, January 2015

... the most stable and effective Bluetooth implementations I've had the pleasure to to use. 5 / 5.

, January 2015

Mass Fidelity Relay - "Is this really a Bluetooth DAC?!" 5 / 5.

Hi-Fi World's '4 Globes' award

, November 2013

It's small, cute and very convenient. Jon Myles is taken with the Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth receiver. 4 / 5.

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