Moving Iron Cartridges

The MP line of moving iron pick-up cartridges has earned the respect of analogue enthusiasts worldwide, especially in Britain where the Nagaoka pick-up cartridges are often used by the hi-fi press.

All Nagaoka MP (Moving Permalloy) cartridges belong to the 'Moving Iron' family and have interchangeable needles. In the body (right above the needle carrier), there is a relatively large, stationary samarium-cobalt magnet. The cantilever is not connected to a magnet (as is the case with standard MM cartridges), but to an alloy having a very high magnetic conductivity. With this construction, the MP has a low tip mass, improved dynamic behaviour and an efficient generator.

The current generation of MP cartridges have a carbon fibre reinforced mounting block and an extra powerful samarium-cobalt magnet.

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