Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research

Call it fidelity, or call it accuracy.At Acoustic Research we simply call it truth.

Founded in 1954 by American inventor, educator and writer Edgar Villchur and prominent audio engineer Henry Kloss, for 60 years the AR brand has been shaping the home entertainment industry with a simple vision: to build sound systems to truthfully reproduce music recordings.

This is the objective standard against which we believe all hi-fidelity audio components should be judged.

Our groundbreaking invention was the AR-1 – the world’s first acoustic suspension loudspeaker – in 1954, followed by the AR-2, the industry’s first bookshelf loudspeaker and the first commercially available dome tweeter in the AR-3. Today, these AR technologies are in use by almost every loudspeaker manufacturer.

But AR was never only about speakers: the AR XA belt-drive turntable revolutionized vinyl playback, an example of a dedication to designing and building products based on the principles of doing the fundamentals right. Again these AR designs underpin the best of today’s turntables.

‘Doing the fundamentals right’ has worked so well over the years, that it’s still the path AR follows without compromise – as is clear in the latest additions to our family, the new Hi-Res Digital series starting with the AR M2 Player and the UA1 DAC.

Accuracy of reproduction – or as we call it, “truth in listening” – has been our philosophy from the start, and will continue to set us apart in the future.

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